Rheinkippen week starts today

May 6, 2023

Rheinkippen week starts today

The time has come: From today until May 12th, we are increasingly calling for cigarette butt collecting! How come? According to the WHO, cigarette butts are the most common waste product found in nature and in cities. In Düsseldorf alone, more than a million cigarette butts are improperly disposed of every day (!) - they end up on the street, on the sidewalks, in gullies, in parks, on playgrounds, etc.


We would like to point out this grievance and set an example to make it clear: a butt is never just a butt, but always part of an unimaginably large amount that lands on the ground every day all over the world - and there its toxic ingredients in the soil and groundwater. We are very happy that so many groups have already registered as part of our campaign week to specifically collect cigarette butts from nature and the cities.


At the end of the week we fill the collected butts into our butt columns, which are set up in several cities. These indicate how much groundwater could be saved from contamination with the collected butts. A year ago, more than 120,000 fags came together! You can see which CleanUps are active this weekend in our story and on our websites. And if none of the CleanUp groups are nearby, you can of course simply go out and collect on your own or in a small team. Then just take a photo and send it to us by mail or PM - or tag us. We then add them to the overall result.


Every fag counts And at this point a huge thank you to our main sponsor Deutsche Postcode Lotterie, without whom this week of action would not be possible on this scale.